about us

We provide your administrators and parents with an unparalleled level of peace of mind, while saving your team hours a week.

Cariina recognizes that honesty and openness is crucial to a successful partnership
Safeguarding Peace of Mind
Cariina works to promote and ensure the safety of your children
Investing in Relationships
Cariina prides itself on building and fostering relationships with its partner schools

Our Story

After witnessing the inefficiencies present in schools, we sought to create solutions to the problems both we and our parents encountered. We wanted to create a system that provided parents and administrators with peace of mind. Our desire led us to create a system where transparency is the norm and where parents and administrators have a clear picture of their student logistics system at all times. Our ultimate goal is to work with administrators to make their schools safer and more efficient, all while eliminating pain points.

Our Team


Pedro de Almeida


Matthew Barron